12 December, 2010

privilege denying dude macro saying, disabled people have super mild disabilities if they don't agree with me that disabled people shouldn't exist

so I made the best Privilege Denying Dude ever and only FOUR PEOPLE on the Internet liked it. And one of them was my friend who saw me complaining on Facebook about how no one liked it.

I'm seriously sad.


  1. I like it! But I don't have a tumblr so I can't like it on tumblr... I think.

  2. I also like it, and also do not have a tumblr!

    (For a while I was getting confused with the acronym "PDD" being used for Privilege Denying Dude...I was like, "PDD? What *about* pervasive developmental...oh, it's an unrelated internet meme, never mind.")

  3. Ha! I like it, too, and am also not on Tumblr, so this is the first I saw it.

    @fitz-clementine - that confused me too.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY had the same reaction to the PDD acronym.