04 December, 2010

the hangover show

(I'm too embarrassed to transcribe the spoken parts of it, but if watched I'm pretty sure it will produce lulz.)

Yeah so re the fiction thing, it actually isn't a real awesome project, it's kind of a dumb idea. But I read Bible Camp Bloodbath and it was pretty swell (I would really recommend reading Lockpick Pornography by the same author, it was really important to me when I was in high school) and I got all excited about the idea of posting a book in blog form.

But I don't want to post anything actually good because you know someday I would like to get some books published in real life and get a really small amount of money for them. So I was thinking of posting this weird book I wrote when I was 16-18 which is...okay, maybe I just think this because I wrote it, but I feel like it's a pretty terrible book that has a certain charm.

Do you like Twilight? It's kind of the same thing. I genuinely think that even though all the sequels suck, the first Twilight book and movie are genuinely great in their portrayal of two kind of boring people who have a really boring but really intense relationship. Because that's what it feels like when you're a boring person and you have a crush on another boring person! They come into bio lab and you're like OHHH NOOOO and then a bunch of paper flies up right in front of your crotch and it's terrible. Well that's what my book is like.


  1. That's a cool shirt. =P

    I kind of really like Lockpick Pornography. I want to read it again, but I should at least make some pretense of trying to study for exams, right? You'd probably like We All Got It Coming too, if you haven't already read it. I guess it's a lot the same, but maybe the focus is a little different in that the main character doesn't feel as justified in being angry at stuff.

    I never actually read Twilight, but that sounds pretty cool. I really like your writing so I'm kind of excited by the idea.

  2. I really enjoyed the Buffy-song! Awesome! Could you do "let me rest in peace" by Spike? I believe you have the most perfect voice for it.