18 December, 2010

this is pretty great:


(sometimes I wonder if it's fucked up for me to find this so hilarious, since as a cis person I obviously have privilege that trans guys don't have, and maybe making fun of trans guys for this kind of thing is something that only trans women should be doing. thoughts?

but I just think that blog is a DELIGHT. And I especially love that one post that someone linked to--which is unfortunately not a joke--that's a guy who goes to Smith saying that people are transphobic for being surprised that he goes to Smith when he's a guy. Yeah. Awesome.)

*this is a parody--maybe I was just primed to know that because of the lj community that I found it in. but sorry if that's not clear.


  1. I'm kinda confused about that blog, since he says 'this is a safe space to objectify women.' I mean, what the hell?

    Also, if someone's a transman, then they're a man, so why would Smith College have admitted him? Does Smith only consider your genitalia and not what you identify as? Because that seems wrong to me. Does that mean they don't accept transwomen if they have penises?

  2. es, when he says "This is a safe space to objectify women," he's being sarcastic. Same when he gives people "awards" for things he finds objectionable -- sarcasm.

    Like, do you know Stephen Colbert, everything he says is like over-the-top conservative asshole but he's really a liberal guy mocking conservatives? Same deal. The guy who runs this blog is a trans guy (I think) who doesn't believe in objectifying women and such, pretendign to BE a trans guy who objectifies women but exaggerating their beliefs in order to show how ridiculous they are.

    It always takes me a while to figure this stuff out too. It's probably an autism thing! (Actually I think it's definitely an autism thing.)

  3. Thanks, Zoe. I was wondering if it was something like that but it was hard for me to tell in this particular instance.