04 December, 2010

I'm more drunk than I've ever been in my life

thank you for reading

hate my brain

if I do a fiction project, would you read that too? you can email me at the email from my love post which no one does anymore

I really like you though. everyone who reads this has changed my life, even this out of it I can still feel it's true.


  1. Aw. Yes, I'd read your fiction project. It's the least I can do in return for you liking my drawings.

  2. I like your brain though.

    I will happily read writings generated by said brain, fiction or non.

  3. I'd be really interested in reading your fiction...I feel like once you put up some fiction and then took it down really quickly, but I read it and was really digging it. Please do fiction! Your nonfiction is so interesting that I can't help but think your fiction would be exceptional.

  4. I would very much be interested in a fiction project. You're a really good writer.