31 December, 2010

I'm certainly not quitting this blog or something--in fact what I'm saying now won't change anything in practice--but I do find myself having a lot less to say. It's frustrating because I feel like when I don't update regularly, people stop reading, but I don't want to just write a lot of posts that I haven't thought through. I also feel uncomfortable about writing a lot of posts with very personal information, partly because I guess I feel like it's unwise when I use my real name on this blog, but also because I always prided myself on writing a blog that was more based in ideas than in my personal experience (even though my experience has always been an element).

When I started this blog, which was about a year and a half ago, I was overflowing with things to say about disability that I had not been able to express, and had not heard other people say either. I would wake up in the morning and know what I was going to write about, and several times a day I would experience the feeling again. For probably eight months it was like this, but it hasn't been like that for a while.

I still definitely learn and have experiences and realize things and get ideas, but there isn't anything built up anymore really--new stuff comes in at its ordinary and fairly slow rate. Don't leave please.



  1. Hello Amanda, I enjoy reading your blog and will certainly not leave.Take care;)

  2. you are doing so much better then I am. no one even reads my blog. lol. Please keep writing. I was a lurker here long before I had the courage to make my own blog. I love hearing what you have to say. Whenever you feel you need to say it. I agree that you shouldnt force it tho. heck i usualy just put up links to cool things when I dont have anything to say.

  3. I'm sticking around.:)But thanks for the heads up.

    I do enjoy reading your posts a lot and find some of them useful/familiar/interesting, but I'm not always good at commenting. So my lurking is not because of you.

  4. Well, I'm sad you won't be updating as much, but I understand. I sorta waffle back and forth on how personal I want to get on my blog as well.

  5. fuck yeah seaking, but we won't be talking about it for a while because I have tons of work due at the end of the week.

  6. It's frustrating because I feel like when I don't update regularly, people stop reading, but I don't want to just write a lot of posts that I haven't thought through.

    Yeah, I can relate to this so much. My main blog (as opposed to my cat blog) had its last new post in November which is already getting to be a long time ago. Only then I deleted that post because for whatever reason it seemed to be attracting creepy, overly personal comments, so the last one on there now is from October and is fairly light on content (being a silly video involving animated robots).

    So yeah. I think I recently figured out that the main reason I like having a blog has less to do with wanting/needing to constantly be writing stuff, and more to do with wanting a kind of "home base" on the Internet. I certainly plan on posting stuff whenever I think I have something interesting or necessary to say, but I could never be one of those people who updates on a schedule and manages to make every post worth reading.

    Anyway, while you and I don't actually really know each other I did want to say that I have very much appreciated a lot of what I've read of your writing here. I like especially how you're okay with writing about stuff you're still in the process of forming opinions on, and not acting like you have to know everything about something to say anything about it at all. And I certainly don't judge blogs as worth reading or not based on how often they update. I mean if the person says they're quitting blogging then yeah I will stop linking to them like I would an "active" blog, but there's a big difference between infrequently updating and quitting.