03 January, 2010

Everyone has it

I'm rewatching United States of Tara which was the light of my Winter Term last year. (This year it's not starting until March, so I guess I'll have to find happiness in hanging out with my friends, or reading, or something like that.) I don't know enough about DID to know if it is an accurate portrayal and I'm sure that it might be offensive to me if I had more experience with DID. However, I just wanted to share THE BEST SCENE:

Annoying lady: Oh, I kind of feel like everyone has it, you know? A little. I mean, how many different women do we all have to be in one day?

Awesome. I think this happens with every disability there is. Oh, buddy, your real life is such a poignant metaphor for my tribulations! ADORABLE!

Additionally, Tara's son Marshall is by far my favorite gay TV character. He's not some sort of overcompensatory football player like the guy on Dawson's Creek, but he's not like Kurt from Glee either. He is kind of stereotypically gay, but it's in his own way--he wears suits to school, is obsessed with old movies, and bakes. He's weird and unique in a girly way, not just straight-up girly in the most obvious way possible, like Kurt.

Plus, he's completely comfortable with his homosexuality at the age of fourteen, and so are his sister and parents. This doesn't mean that it never causes him problems, but just that everyone is used to the fact that he's gay and it's just another thing he has to deal with. This is kind of the way the family acts about Tara's DID, too--they're just trying to live with it. Which may be completely unrealistic, I have no idea, but it seems kind of positive, maybe?

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