19 January, 2010

Oh no what happened to fwd?

eta: If you've ever seen the Mr. Show episode where the two guys get married to each other on a dare and then after 50 years one of the guys dies, and the other guy is like "...my life!" that is sort of how I feel about FWD being down (don't ask, sometimes I think of these analogies that seem really precise and touching to me, and then other people are just really offended and confused--but I miss FWD, is what I'm saying).


  1. Turkish hackers, apparently. What the hell.

  2. We know that FWD is down, due to matters that aren't under our control. It will be restored from backup when it can be. Probably not long. Please don't email - watch the @feminists twitter account, which will be updated when there's news. Thanks.