22 January, 2010

Feo means ugly in Spanish

so I previously mentioned my unfortunate tendency to sincerely like things that you're supposed to like ironically. The worst result of this is probably my love for Cute is What We Aim For, which is this incredibly AutoTuned band for 14-year-old girls that features the ugliest man ever singing about how he hates women. I'm not kidding. Listen to this song that I accidentally covered BECAUSE I CAN'T HELP IT:

I feel sort of anxious because even though I think my cover is rad, I'm afraid of all the 14-year-olds on YouTube finding it and being really mean to me and telling me I'm ugly and stuff. Sometimes when I was 14, boys would come up to me and say, "Feo you!" the way you'd say, "Fuck you." The only Temple Grandin quote I agree with is about seeing groups of teenage boys hanging out at gas stations and being so freaked out you don't even want to get out of the car.

but seriously, this is the catchiest song EVER? and I'm from a commuter town so I'm bound to like it. Not my fault.

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