12 January, 2010

I'm somewhere else

If you were wondering what the title of this blog means, I've been watching Battlestar Galactica, and Gaius gives good Somewhere Else, but I don't have a screencap of him.

Vincent Kartheiser, the blog's patron saint, goes Somewhere Else in Mad Men 2x02:

His character has a normal reason, so it maybe it doesn't count, but he could definitely play a Somewhere Else person in a movie if they needed him to.

If I have to, I am massively good at dropping out behind my eyes. Sometimes I don't mean to. I'm prone to losing time. I used to think I was possibly epileptic. I think I'm just your standard-issue dreamy person, though. I don't really like the idea that ASD people aren't Somewhere Else because I know that I am (sometimes). I think the thing is that people make such a huge deal out of it and think it's the most important thing, when it's probably just a reaction to stress and advanced focusing skills. Going Somewhere Else isn't actually autism. At the same time, it's certainly there.

It's hard for me to explain why I worry about my weight, or why I dye my hair. But it's also hard to explain why I script--but things do go worse when I don't. I need to have qualities. Something needs to be ongoing.

Keep me here.

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