23 January, 2010

My idea!

I sort of have a theory that people on the Internet dislike me. I shouldn't write about this in more detail because it'll make it sound like I'm trying to attack a particular person and say that they've actually done something mean to me, which isn't the case. I think I am just really excited whenever someone links me or anything (not that this happens on a regular basis, but I never had a blog that people linked to before, so it's exciting) and my reaction to excitement is to sort of tamp down on myself, like, CALM DOWN. BE SENSIBLE.

So, I will tell you what I think: even if people link me, it's just because they sort of feel like they're required to, because of something that I said, but at the same time, they sort of don't like doing it, because they don't like me. It's like, "well, you know, there's nothing really wrong with the stuff she writes about, I mean, yes, she's sort of annoying and an asshole, but let's be fair and unbiased, that's not really the point."

I was thinking about this and it's probably not true. Like, maybe sometimes the Depressing Realistic Undertones that I feel required to try to scout out are--not there. Like, maybe that's sort of incredibly melodramatic, and a reality that would make me feel uncomplicatedly happy instead of happy-within-reason-on-alert...I mean, maybe that's actually the simple answer, and the truth.

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