08 January, 2010

so, I'm looking for summer jobs

and I want to work at this camp for ASD people (I wanted to last year, but didn't get it; hopefully this year I have a better chance because I'm applying earlier and have more experience). Anyway, look at this charming passage from their website:

Behaviors may by inappropriate (e.g., asking repetitive questions, flapping ones' hands, attempting to masturbate in public, etc.),

yeah you guys
those are all the SAME KIND OF THING

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  1. Ugh! The lack of discrimination between truly disruptive/aggressive behaviors and other stims is so common. I worked at an ABA-based school here in Utah for two years and eventually I felt like I was just there to torture children.

    I twirl my hair so excessively that I certainly consider it an SSB... and I would definitely punch someone in the face if they tried to "redirect" me.