23 November, 2009

The Half of It

I don't think it's easy to be me but I also
don't think it's easy to be you 'cause we live on this planet
where everybody wants us to pretend that we're human and we cry
but just stop kidding yourself, you know you laughed when all those people died

It's hard to be the only one of you, I know, I know it too
the lines inside your wrists and all the pages in your pocket
It will be different when I'm older, better when I'm smarter
but okay let's just fuck up now and bite our mouths to keep from starting

The half of it, the half of it, and you don't know the half of it
The half of it, the half of it, and you don't know the half of it

And you will be lonely for a while but I will take your hand in mine
put it in my pocket with the money I don't recognize
and the keys I bought at flea markets when I was twelve
slammed boys into the wall, didn't get caught 'cause I'm small

Let's go live under the bridge where Quentin Compson died
threw himself into the water 'cause he'd had enough of time
Wish we could see him, wish we could try to make him smile
if he only knew that girls like you would swoon over his frothing lines

To say to you, to say to you, nothing I could say would ever make it okay for you
To say to you, get away from you, I know I will never escape from you

Quentin, hold on
We love you like anything
Quentin, hold on
You're everything to me

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