10 November, 2009

"I've seen his true face and he's tasted blood. There's no going back now [whaaat? as if this is the first time Angelus ever ate anyone?]. He has to be destroyed, and I'm the Destroyer."--Video Game Pete Campbell

This morning I watched some episodes at the end of the season where VGPC cries a lot and tries to blow up some people in a mall. It was pretty good. But this is good too. Sometimes when he's talking, I just start laughing.

I know this is weird, but because I've been on my own a lot lately, I've started sort of thinking of Pete Campbell/Video Game Pete Campbell as a real person, and I think I want to marry him. I guess I'll just have to marry someone else who likes Pete Campbell and then we can roleplay.


Faith: (calls VGPC "kid")
VGPC: The kid has a name.
Faith: [Video Game Pete Campbell].
VGPC: (looks like he's having an orgasm all over the place)

VGPC: (is annoying)
Faith: (pins him against a wall)
VGPC: (is really mad and starts awkwardly kicking her in the shins)
Faith: (crossbow)
VGPC: (embarrassed that he met someone who's more like a video game character than he is)

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