13 November, 2009

I bought the most terrible guitar ever

It cost £15 and is impossible to tune because the strings sound so weird and twangy. I have a terrible ear, but I'm a bit synesthesic so I can do a passable job tuning if I just try to make the notes look like each other in my head. It is really hard on this guitar because the notes never look the same because each string has something uniquely awful about the way it sounds.

Anyway, I've been in such a good mood about getting to actually play that I've just been doing stimmy running/jumping around in between playing (even though playing is a kind of stimming so can't I give it a rest?). It's ten o'clock and I've already completely exhausted myself, which is good I guess. I'll watch some VGPC, write a bit, and go to bed early enough to get up and do lots of homework tomorrow.

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