09 November, 2009

Where the hell are my pajamas?

So, how wonderful was the last episode of Mad Men?

(The answer is: super wonderful.)

Peggy and Pete will always occupy a really massive place in my heart, but I stopped rooting for them quite a while ago--"Souvenir" at least. Trudy is just so amazing and perfect and she and Pete have become partners in crime, which makes me happy for Pete because he could never have done that with anyone a few years ago.

I think it's dumb when people try to claim that Betty is a bad person or boring or something--I mean, are you really not aware of how much her life sucks?--but that doesn't mean that I particularly like watching her. And maybe I won't have to anymore! I like Henry's face but he's obviously a creepster and she didn't look that happy on the plane. Still, I hope they have a good life together somewhere far away from me.

This episode was basically delightful and I would cheer whenever they called a new person. I think I read a blog that described this as a "caper" and I agree. Pryce was impressive. English accents sound really bland and fake to me since obviously most of the UK people I've met have been Scottish--like, when the guy's foot got lawnmowered it didn't even sound real. Who says "Oh, for the love of Christ" in that situation? A normal person would say "FUUUUUUUCK," no matter where they're from.

Yeah, so anyway I'm really excited for next season except they need to find a way to bring Sal back. And I feel really sorry for Paul; I've always liked him.

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