13 November, 2009

Lucid stimming

I was taking a nap. I dreamed that I got a package (not surprising, as I just had my birthday). It came through a window like the way you send packages at the post office. I realized I was having a dream because that's not how I get packages here or at Oberlin. I took my package and went home. My home was upstairs in a place that looked like a motel. I was curious to see what my room looked like. I started stimmily running up the stairs and I wondered, because stimmy running in real life makes it hard for me to fall asleep, whether stimmy running in my dream would make me wake up.

Then my neighbor started practicing the saxaphone. My neighbor is very sweet and usually I think her saxaphone playing is comforting and helps me concentrate, but she seriously couldn't have started practicing at a worse time. I was just about to make an important discovery! Now I'll never know if it's okay to do stimmy running in my dreams or not.

1 comment:

  1. doh!

    I have lucid dreams a lot, it is so fun to experiment with them.