03 November, 2009

The only thing worse

You are the darkness You are the shade
And I was waiting There was the blade
I was under Stairs and roofs
You were holding me Under the blue

Hell is fire Love is leaves
Orange and yellow on Old trees
And I waited There was the bus
The lights on the car Glowing through the slush

And I am falling not fast enough
if it is snowing there is Love
I want it always my friend holds You
in the light in his hands and I Want It

The material world isn't bad it's just preliminary
At least that's what I tell myself when I would kill for
A chocolate bar I know there are better chocolate bars in heaven
After I can die I'll stuff my face forevermore and I'll be beautiful

Okay but I need more than mathematics
I need to actually believe, and there is
Nothing in me that makes believing possible
I'm a method actor and there's nothing under my thousand-yard stare

I live in a shallower country
Trees and flowers rush past my eyes
Nothing moves me, everything slows me
You will never pull my soul out through my eyes

The only thing worse than cathedrals is megachurches
All that technology slows down my brain
But Presbyterianism leaves me cold
I have to go to church on the subway train

Change my color Change my shade
Make me new in the Badge of False Faith
I'll wear it Always when I Fight
With the knife in my hands and it feels so right.

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