18 November, 2009

Rewatching the Regular Pete Campbell Show

"She kept looking at the maps and talking about all the places we were going to go...but we never did."--Pete's story about sex


(Pete calls Don "buddy" and tries to shake hands with him.)
Don: Slow down, I don't want to wake up pregnant.
Pete: fuck you.


(Peggy looks around awkwardly as Pete comes over to her in his giant neon suit and then smiles at him for a really long period of time.)
Pete: I'm back.
Peggy: I see that.
Pete: So...I should be on the list for the meeting.
Peggy: Oh! I just...didn't know when you were coming back.
Pete: Right... (in a weird jolly voice) Yeah, well, it's today, here I am! (creepy fake laugh)
Peggy: They're all in there already. You can go in.
(Pete shuffles around awkwardly and Peggy looks up at him with a repressed amused/happy expression on her face. I think. That's how I would feel, at least.)
Pete: Peggy--when I came over, that night, you know, before...
Peggy: I was there. (Awesome! I love that Peggy is only funny with Pete. This has actually more or less continued to be true, except she's funny with her mom and sister sometimes. The rest of the time she's an AWKWARD TURTLE.)
Pete: You know...I'm married now.
Peggy: I know.
Pete: So...
(AAAAWKWARD. Pete stands there looking like an 8-year-old. Peggy looks at him for a while.)
Peggy: (very slowly) Pete. I understand. It never happened.

People act like when Peggy had a crush on Pete she didn't understand what a loser he is but I absolutely don't think that's true, I think she has always found him unintentionally hilarious and she used to be in a position where she could afford to appreciate that, but she isn't anymore because she had to grow up and he didn't.

(Then Pete goes into the meeting and makes a joke and when everyone laughs, he looks like super awkwardly pleased with himself and rolls his little shoulders around. I love this show.)

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