28 November, 2009

When You're Spastic & It's Serious

Francisco Hernandez, you're my hero
you rode the subway from one to zero
when police officers and teachers are gone and dead
I hope all your favorite images are still buzzing in your head

like trains in the night you will find yourself all right
deep underground where you are safe and sound
and no one looks at you 'cause they're going somewhere too
and the map in your lap is the only place you've found to be loved

Francisco Hernandez, stay in school
redeem yourself with genius, holy fool
and if you ever make the cut, there is nothing there for you
when you're spastic and it's serious, they don't know what to do

so take off and fly in the shuttle in the sky
the mess in the dirt, the quilt that is the earth
your peanuts and the wings on your lapel, little things
that hold you to yourself when your mind is smashing through the sun

It isn't funny 'cause it's sad
it's funny because no one's mad at you now
take off your sneakers, leave them on the kitchen floor
and wrap yourself in sheets

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful song for Francisco.

    Love verses 2 and 4 especially.