06 November, 2009

The Joy of Video Game Pete Campbell

I'm watching Angel. Or, as I call it, The Pete Campbell Acts Like a Video Game Character Show. I'm only watching the episodes that relate to this theme.

Video Game Pete Campbell: (about a spoon) Oh, I know this. It's a tool. For eating.

Girl: They should give people a test before they have kids, and if they're drunks, or evil, they should be sterilized.
Video Game Pete Campbell: They should be killed.

This is only the most fantastic television viewing experience of my life!

ETA: I skipped ahead a season and found some more gems:

Video Game Pete Campbell sleeps with Cordelia Chase.

Cordelia Chase: You're very special, and what happened last night was something we both needed, but it came out of unusual circumstances. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Video Game Pete Campbell: (beatific smile) You think I'm special.

Video Game Pete Campbell and Angel get attacked by a zombie.

Angel: It's a zombie.
Video Game Pete Campbell: (in a bored voice) What's a zombie?

I'm actually surprised by how bad this show is aside from VGPC. I really loved Buffy when I was a kid, like, more than anything. When things got really bad at school, I'd pretend to be sick and stay home and watch my favorite episodes while I ate ice cream mixed with brown sugar. I watched a bit of season one with Clayton a year ago, and it was good in a cheesy way (except Clayton kept making fun of it as if he doesn't like incredibly cheesy things himself). I never thought season one was as good as two and three anyway, but now I wonder if any of it was good, because Angel is not impressing me at all.

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