11 November, 2009

Some of my favorite subjects are double standards, rhetorical tricks, unacknowledged power dynamics, and the tendency to confuse how people look with how well they can take care of themselves. Every so often I make a directory and try to group all my posts by theme, but because a lot of the themes are interconnected I never do an especially good job. Plus I’ve sort of started calling different things by different words, because I’ve been writing the blog for a long time.


Staff infection, Supercrippery and other complexes, Crushing people, Feelings are not real, Tilting at strawmen, Not able to tilt at strawmen anymore because I’m too pissed off, Inter-disability ableism, Like a Person, The bases of what I’m trying to say, About being read, being misread, reading, passing, and covering, About fandom/literature/pop culture, Reviews (mostly disability-related), Skins, Chicago Style is Oppressing Me, Self-narrating zoo exhibit, Language and labels, Gender expression/presentation with ASD, Intersectionality and Oppression Olympics, Miscellaneous

Social Skills Don’t Exist
How Indistinguishability Got Its Groove Back (unfinished)
Ability statements are a personal attack

Staff infection
They hate you. Yes, you.
Behaviorism and Spoon Theory
Hugging problems
privilege scrounging
some brief win
throwing around the term high-functioning like it's going out of style
The Fine Young Man
Let me be played
Disabled Staff Person
some disabled staff person fragments and facts
bad brains making bad decisions
summer staff crisis
disabled staff person no. 03847101
it's funny/sad/no big deal

Supercrippery and other complexes
Max is a miracle
"I want to fall into disability"
Failure Theory
The Classic Disability Catch-22
hurt, power, and disability
hurt power and disability 2: or, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS
something worth mentioning

Crushing people
sexual skills/social skills
some touch rules

Feelings are not real
Feelings are not real
who does sadness belong to?
I refuse to feel bad
Autism is a world and you're not invited
about sadness and rage
"It's a beautiful day and I can't see it"
can't imagine, can't judge?
your feelings are the feelings of a dick

Tilting at strawmen
About being antagonistic and harsh and us vs. them
One Stop Disclaimer Shop
It's social model vs. medical model NOT mild vs. severe disability
on being grossed out
why is arguing with you the only self-advocacy that counts?
advocacy vs. self-advocacy
Privilege and TPGA Dialogues
why no one counts

Not able to tilt at strawmen anymore because I’m too pissed off
I have to stop
collection of tumblr posts
WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? or, sorry Pancho

Inter-disability ableism
Again? (stop saying autism isn't a disability)
Something I posted elsewhere ("Asperger's isn't an excuse to kill someone, it's not like being retarded")
ASD Savants/Disability Redemption transcript
Why doesn't our society care about things that are actually important, like similes?
Autism Spectrum Disorders in the DSM V Part 2 Transcript/A slightly less messy version
No, no, no, no, no
Our shrinking island

Like a Person
Like a person
Like a person, part two
Like a person, part three
affectionate disability issues
About Kenny
Autism Unawareness
unfinished 2011 Autistics Speaking Day post

The bases of what I'm trying to say
Kinds of Autism
Kinds of Autism, part two
Topic sentence--mission statement
I support Ari Ne'eman, part two (why anti-cure is not anti-severely disabled people)
ramblings on cure
A flawed but I think useful model of ASD
proto-"social skills don't exist"
Why God won't heal amputees
Autistics Speaking Day post

About being read, being misread, reading, passing, and covering
I'm a fake person
can a visible disability be an invisible disability?
Like me
The gift
Passing As Ethics is a World
The Veil/On Speaking Badly, part 2
Some more reading
Stimming people
I'm not necessarily a good ally (and another piece)
Negative and positive
About Not Being Thought of This Way and Why That's All Right
passing doesn't mean not being discriminated against
some more passing thoughts
Loving another passing person is an intensely powerful experience
Reality testing
Passing as Ethics: a primer
from the inside, #3
what is an indistinguishable when it's at home?

About fandom/literature/pop culture
The Sound and the Fury
Henry Darger was a person
I don't feel sorry for Schlitzie Surtees
Stop barging in here and infecting me with your anxiety: Pete, Peggy, and passing
Privilege + ASD (about "Fuck Pete Campbell")
How could you do this to me Animorphs??
Fictional diagnostics stock responses--part one
The fictional diagnostics explosion
why ASD fictional characters are stupid
response to some pop culture Oppression Olympics
Translucent characters
strength through music
On Shambling
more thought about zombies
two little things that bother me
Some models and their applications in fiction
what should I know about autism that I'm not learning from pop culture?
response to Sarah from Aspies on TV
the violence of nerdiness
surprise sanity
cure in Disney movies
You're (Still) Going To Die In There: boring uses of clueless sensitivity

Reviews (mostly disability-related)
Geek Love
Quid Pro Quo
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia and more squealing
Things Not Seen
Summer Heights High
Were the World Mine
disabling queerness: Fingersmith
Arnie and the New Kid

3x07 review from a lesbian and Autistic perspective
JJ: vague identity, owing people, and other fantastic touches
on fruit bats/the r word/everything in real life
Oh wow US Skins, but...fuck you!
cassie ainsworth & redemption rejection

Chicago Style is Oppressing Me
College Accessibility for ASD People
tl;dr: a baby triumph
Our growing and shrinking island
why I hate disability services: the explosion
small things
disability services are not accessible!
how to find out if your students are disabled!! by AWV, age 8
I hate hate hate when professors have office hours in fucking cafes

Self-narrating zoo exhibit
Special needs
The Elevators
Time is scary?
And We Could Go in the Ocean
the day of silence
safety is not the worst
on liking one boy
"this I used to believe"
Just a splinter
sound values
Still. Life.

Language and labels
why I identify as ASD rather than with a particular diagnosis
Why I Dislike Person-Free Language
letter to my friend who identifies as Autistic
Some screwing around about person-first language
high-functioning is dumb take one
on really wanting to use the r-word
I know this is problematic, bear with me
Hi everyone, my name is autism and some mood/anxiety stuff
about individuals
About Bad Brains

Gender expression/presentation with ASD
I'm so butch I wear nightgowns
squandering slack
more thoughts about disability and presentation
good brains wearing clothes

Intersectionality and Oppression Olympics
some complaints about being same-sex-attracted and not adapting well
disabling queerness
religion, queerness, disability, background, and consent
notes for something longer
privileged identities also intersect with marginalized identities!
the ultimate (ridiculous) showdown

Why I don't like ASD memoirs, and other stuff
I'm officially Pop Culture Normal
Something I'm not going to say in workshop
Run Forest Run: about movement and love
the calmness checklist of a lot of people at my school
about med stuff
Regular Person Listening Day
The spirit of the staircase
shaky bases
thinking more about "updating" the wheelchair symbol
Christianity/disability = OTP for life
Finding it (well, sort of)
the difference between Asperger's and autism
what not existing means to me
I need to stop not naming posts b/c I have no idea what to call this
in defense of tumblr

Social Skills Don't Exist
1. What are social skills?
2. What this is not
3. About Stephen
4. Social skills and intent
5. Is going to a hospital normal?
6. Mindfulness and modulation (a general look)
7. Break for love
8. Mindfulness and modulation (cashiering)
9. Mindfulness and modulation (being practiced, and not practiced, by professionals)
10. a note on a
10a. input vs. output
11. My year of flops
12. Bird brains
13. Social model of social failure

How Indistinguishability Got Its Groove Back (unfinished)
1. How Indistinguishability Got Its Groove Back
2. How Indistinguishability Keeps Its Groove
3. How you learn how things are done

Ability statements are a personal attack
directory and intro
1. Irrelevance
2. Unevenness and inexplicability
3. Real Life Facts

Functional Stimming
Pulling Rank and Involuntary Assimilation
Autistic Passing Project
What is "high-functioning?"
Supercrip Mongoose
anti-ableism, in real life
more normal = progress
Some common fallacies and rebuttals
my TPGA dialogues post

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